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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

1. What are the Library opening hours?

The Library is open between 8.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m.


2. How do I contact the Librarians?  

Name Telephone Email


04 76 20 70 20

Send a ­message to the library

RIO Sophie

04 76 88 24 09

MARLIN Danielle

04 76 88 21 69

3. How can I be on the Library mailing list?

Please send a request by mail to the Library.


4. How can I take out a document?

If it is a book, or an ILL or ESRF publication or thesis: please consult the Library catalogue. If the book is not at the Library, please fill in the online form.

If it is a PhD thesis from another institute: please ask the librarians.

If it is an article: please consult the databases.


5. Can I borrow journals?

No, you can only make copies of the articles you are interested in.


6. How can I order a document not at the Library?

Please fill in the form to order an article or to obtain a book on loan.


7. What are the resources available at the Library?

Please consult the following pages:

- Library catalogues - books and ILL and ESRF publications

- New Library acquisitions - RSS feed on new books bought in the last 2 months

- Journals -  online journals and a list of the periodicals held by the Library


8. Can I reserve a book?

Yes, you can ask the Librarians to ensure that your are the next person to borrow a book.


9. How can I find a book?

Please consult the Library catalogue. You will find online help for the search.


10. How can I borrow books?

- You can only borrow books if you are from the ILL, the ESRF or the EMBL.

- Please fill in the registration form the first time you borrow. You can also find a paper version of this form at the library entrance.

- Fill in the loan card (inside the book) with your name and the date of borrowing.

Some books, with red labels, are not for loan and have no card inside.

- Leave the form and/or loan card at the library entrance.


11. How can I return books?

Please return them at the library entrance or in the mailbox outside the library.


12. How do I make a suggestion for purchasing a book?

Please fill in the electronic purchase request form.


13. How can I order a book for my Service?

ESRF staff: Please fill in the document request form. It must be signed by the head of your service. Send the form to the Library. The book will be sent directly to you.

ILL staff: Please fill in a DAI.


14. How can I access Web of Science?

Click on "Web of Science" on the Library's Home page.

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