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PSB Partnership for Structural Biology
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PSCMPartnership for Soft Condensed Matter
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2021 ESRF publications

Li J., Li S., Zhang Y., Yang Y., Russi S., Qian G., Mu L., Lee S.J., Yáng Z., Lee J.S., Pianetta P., Qiu J., Ratner D., Cloetens P., Zhao K., Lin F., Liu Y. - Multiphase, multiscale chemomechanics at extreme low temperatures: Battery electrodes for operation in a wide temperature range

Advanced Energy Materials 11, 2102122-1-2102122- (2021)

Anker A.S., Christiansen T.L., Weber M., Schmiele M., Brok E., Kjaer E.T.S., Juhás P., Thomas R., Mehring M., Jensen K.M.Ø. - Structural changes during the growth of atomically precise metal oxido nanoclusters from combined pair distribution function and small‐angle X‐ray scattering analysis

Angewandte Chemie International Edition 60, 20407-20416 (2021)

Collie G.W., Lombardo C.M., Yoo S.H., Pulka-Ziach K., Gabelica V., Mackereth C.D., Rosu F., Guichard G. - Crystal structures capture multiple stoichiometric states of an aqueous self-assembling oligourea foldamer

Chemical Communications 57, 9514-9517 (2021)

Serghiou G., Odling N., Reichmann H.J., Ji G., Koch-Müller M., Frost D.J., Wright J.P., Boehler R., Morgenroth W. - Hexagonal Si−Ge class of semiconducting alloys prepared by using pressure and temperature

Chemistry - A European Journal 27, 14217-14224 (2021)

Koemets E., Fedotenko T., Khandarkhaeva S., Bykov M., Bykova E., Thielmann M., Chariton S., Aprilis G., Koemets I., Glazyrin K., Liermann H.P., Hanfland M., Ohtani E., Dubrovinskaia N., McCammon C., Dubrovinsky L. - Chemical stability of FeOOH at high pressure and temperature, and oxygen recycling in early Earth history

European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2021, 3048-3053 (2021)

Azzolina G., Bertoni R., Mariette C., Cammarata M., Trzop E., Ecolivet C., Sander M., Levantino M., Tokoro H., Imoto K., Yoshikiyo M., Ohkoshi S., Collet E. - Out-of-equilibrium lattice response to photo-induced charge-transfer in a MnFe Prussian blue analogue

Journal of Materials Chemistry C 9, 6773-6780 (2021)

Caselli L., Ridolfi A., Cardellini J., Sharpnack L., Paolini L., Brucale M., Valle F., Montis C., Bergese P., Berti D. - A plasmon-based nanoruler to probe the mechanical properties of synthetic and biogenic nanosized lipid vesicles

Nanoscale Horizons 6, 543-550 (2021)

El Rifaii K., Wensink H.H., Goldmann C., Michot L., Gabriel J.C.P., Davidson P. - Fine tuning the structural colours of photonic nanosheet suspensions by polymer doping

Soft Matter 17, 9280-9292 (2021)

2020 ESRF publications

Kovalenko V., Popov A., Santoni G., Loiko N., Tereshkina K., Tereshkin E., Krupyanskii Y. - Multi-crystal data collection using synchrotron radiation as exemplified with low-symmetry crystals of Dps

Acta Crystallographica F 76, 568-576 (2020)

Flenner S., Schaber C.F., Krasnov I., Stieglitz H., Rosenthal M., Burghammer M., Gorb S.N., Müller M. - Multiple mechanical gradients are responsible for the strong adhesion of spider attachment hair

Advanced Materials 32, 2002758-1-2002758-6 (2020)

Roman M., Rigo C., Castillo-Michel H., Urgast D.S., Feldmann J., Munivrana I., Vindigni V., Micetic I., Benetti F., Barbante C., Cairns W.R.L. - Spatiotemporal distribution and speciation of silver nanoparticles in the healing wound

Analyst 145, 6456-6469 (2020)

Putz A.M., Terban M.W., Bette S., Haase F., Dinnebier R.E., Lotsch B.V. - Total scattering reveals the hidden stacking disorder in a 2D covalent organic framework

Chemical Science 11, 12647-12654 (2020)

Marshall K.P., Blichfeld A.B., Skjaervø S.L., Grendal O.G., van Beek W., Selbach S.M., Grande T., Einarsrud M.A. - A fast, low‐temperature synthesis method for hexagonal YMnO3: Kinetics, purity, size and shape as studied by in situ X‐ray diffraction

Chemistry - A European Journal 26, 9330-9337 (2020)

Liu H., Grendal O.G., Skjaervø S.L., Dalod A.R.M., van Beek W., Sekkat A., Einarsrud M.A., Muñoz-Rojas D. - Reaction pathway of the hydrothermal synthesis of AgCuO2 from in situ time-resolved X-ray diffraction

Crystal Growth & Design 20, 4264-4272 (2020)

Santos I.C., Gama V., Rabaça S., Veiros L.F., Nogueira F., Paixão J.A., Almeida M. - Structural diversity in conducting bilayer salts (CNB-EDT-TTF)4A

CrystEngComm 22, 8313-8321 (2020)

Jafari A., Klobes B., Sergueev I., Moseley D.H., Manley M.E., Dronskowski R., Deringer V.L., Stoffel R.P., Bessas D., Chumakov A.I., Rüffer R., Mahmoud A., Bridges C.A., Daemen L.L., Cheng Y., Ramirez-Cuesta A.J., Hermann R.P. - Phonon spectroscopy in antimony and tellurium oxides

Journal of Physical Chemistry A 124, 7869-7880 (2020)

Cheng Q., Chen P., Ye D., Wang J., Song G., Liu J., Chen Z., Chen L., Zhou Q., Chang C., Zhang L. - The conversion of nanocellulose into solvent-free nanoscale liquid crystals by attaching long side-arms for multi-responsive optical materials

Journal of Materials Chemistry C 8, 11022-11031 (2020)

Bacher F., Isaac J.A., Philouze C., Flot D., Thibon-Pourret A., Belle C. - Synthesis of unsymmetrical 1,8-naphthyridine-based ligands for the assembly of tri-and tetra-nuclear copper(II) complexes

New Journal of Chemistry 44, 16713-16720 (2020)

El Kharbachi A., Wind J., Ruud A., Høgset A.B., Nygard M.M., Zhang J., Sørby M.H., Kim S., Cuevas F., Orimo S.I., Fichtner M., Latroche M., Fjellvåg H., Hauback B.C. - Pseudo-ternary LiBH4·LiCl·P2S5 system as structurally disordered bulk electrolyte for all-solid-state lithium batteries

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22, 13872-13879 (2020)

Tooke C.L., Hinchliffe P., Krajnc A., Mulholland A.J., Brem J., Schofield C.J., Spencer J. - Cyclic boronates as versatile scaffolds for KPC-2 beta-lactamase inhibition

RSC Medicinal Chemistry 11, 491-496 (2020)

Kassar T., Berlinghof M., Güldal N.S., Schmutzler T., Zontone F., Brandl M., Metwalli E., Will J., Li N., Ameri T., Brabec C.J., Unruh T. - Real-time study on structure formation and the intercalation process of polymer: Fullerene bulk heterojunction thin films

Solar RRL 4, 1900508-1-1900508-10 (2020)

Longo A., Sahle C.J., Glatzel P., Giacobbe C., Rack A., Mathon O., Lomachenko K.A., Segura-Ruiz J., Villanova J., Castillo-Michel H., Vanpeene, V., Tucoulou R., Schülli T.U., Martens I., Drnec J. - Energy and Environmental Science at ESRF

Synchrotron Radiation News 33, 40-51 (2020)

2019 ESRF publications

Tournier V., Topham C.M., Gilles A., David B., Folgoas C., Moya-Leclair E., Kamionka E., Desrousseaux M.L., Texier H., Gavalda S., Cot M., Guemard E., Dalibey M., Nomme J., Cioci G., Barbe S., Chateau M., André I., Duquesne S., Marty A. - An engineered PET depolymerase to break down and recycle plastic bottles

Nature 580, 216-219 (2020)

2018 ESRF publications

2017 ESRF publications

2016 ESRF publications

Nurizzo D., Bowler M.W., Caserotto H., Dobias F., Giraud T., Surr J., Guichard N., Papp G., Guijarro M., Mueller-Dieckmann C., Flot D., McSweeney S., Cipriani F., Theveneau P., Leonard G.A. - RoboDiff: Combining a sample changer and goniometer for highly automated macromolecular crystallography experiments

Acta Crystallographica D 72, 966-975 (2016)

Lilliu S., Dane T.G., Alsari M., Griffin J., Barrows A.T., Dahlem M.S., Friend R.H., Lidzey D.G., MacDonald J.E. - Mapping morphological and structural properties of lead halide perovskites by scanning nanofocus XRD

Advanced Functional Materials 26, 8221-8230 (2016)

Grünewald T.A., Rennhofer H., Tack P., Garrevoet J., Wermeille D., Thompson P., Bras W., Vincze L., Lichtenegger H.C. - Photon energy becomes the third dimension in crystallographic texture analysis

Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55, 12190-12194 (2016)

Lezcano-Gonzalez I., Oord R., Rovezzi M., Glatzel P., Botchway S.W., Weckhuysen B.M., Beale A.M. - Molybdenum speciation and its impact on catalytic activity during methane dehydroaromatization in zeolite ZSM-5 as revealed by operando X-ray methods

Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55, 5215-5219 (2016)

Perversi G., Cumby J., Pachoud E., Wright J.P., Attfield J.P. - The Verwey structure of a natural magnetite

Chemical Communications52, 4864-4867 (2016)

Boeije M.F.J., Roy P., Guillou F., Yibole H., Miao X.F., Caron L., Banerjee D., van Dijk N.H., De Groot R.A., Brück E. - Efficient room-temperature cooling with magnets

Chemistry of Materials 28, 4901-4905 (2016)