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European Photon & NeutronScience Campus
ESRFEuropean Synchrotron Radiation Facility
ILL Institut Laue-Langevin
PSB Partnership for Structural Biology
EMBLEuropean Molecular Biology Laboratory
IBSInstitut de Biologie Structurale
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PSCMPartnership for Soft Condensed Matter
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The EPN campus: a single location for an array of unique scientific and technical resources

The combination of facilities and experience available at the ILL and ESRF provides industrial users with access to technology beyond compare.

The ESRF's 80 X-ray beamlines and ILL's powerful neutron delivery system provide probes of light of exceptional brightness.

Scientists from both academia and industry regularly reserve beamtime on the highly specialised instruments available at the two institutes.



Why X-rays and neutrons?

X-ray and neutron beams provide unique, powerful, and non-destructive access into the heart of materials, over length scales ranging from the centimeter to the atom. The two methods can be complementary, for X-rays can probe the electronic clouds of atoms whilst neutrons pinpoint the position and motion of nuclei or map magnetic fields.

What do we offer industrial clients?

  • 200 scientists specialised in research and development with X-ray and neutron technology
  • A broad range of complementary techniques - available at the same location
  • Realistic sample conditions: with experiments in situ, in operando, in real time
  • Over 15 years of experience in confidential, collaborative, customised research with industry
  • Non-disclosure and intellectual property retention
  • Crédit d'Impôt Recherche accreditation at both ESRF and ILL

Key fields of application

  Environment and energy

  Health and nutrition, care and hygiene

  Materials and process engineering

Business Development Office

T. +33 4 76 88 26 64 / 20 31       industry(at)esrf.eu

Industrial Liaison Unit

T. +33 4 76 20 73 37 / 71 04          industry(at)ill.eu

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