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PSCMPartnership for Soft Condensed Matter
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Welcome to the
Partnership for
Soft Condensed Matter

The Partnership for Soft Condensed Matter is a scientific and technical platform supporting ambitious large-scale soft matter research projects related to  nanomaterials, environmental and energy sciences, biotechnology and related fields.

The PSCM facilitates a deeper exploitation of state-of-the-art neutron instruments and synchrotron beamlines in combination with on-site specialised sample preparation and characterisation facilities. Together these enable cutting-edge experiments for the investigation of the structure and dynamics of bulk and interfacial soft matter and related systems.

Located on the EPN Science Campus in Grenoble, France, the PSCM is a joint initiative of the ESRF and the ILL. Academic and industrial organisations can join the PSCM as Collaborative Partner Organizations (CPOs) to pursue fundamental and applied soft matter research in their specific area of interest. All ILL and ESRF soft matter studies can benefit from the PSCM equipment and expertise.



News & Events

Soft Matter Café

Thursday 19th January – SB Seminar Room, 10h30
Speaker : Dominic Hayward (TU-Berlin & ILL)
Scattering Studies of Block Copolymer Nanostructures in Suspension
Speaker : Nicolás Garcia (Sapienza University of Rome)
Beyond thin films: bottom-up multi-step approach to build novel three-dimensional block copolymer structures


Full schedule here
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19.10.2016 Updated PSCM publications list.

Publications based on the use of PSCM equipments can be found HERE!
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We host a page to advertise Seminars, Workshops and Conferences related to Soft Matter research activities.

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