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2022 ILL publications

Vottero E., Carosso M., Ricchebuono A., Jíménez-Ruiz M., Pellegrini R., Chizallet C., Raybaud P., Groppo E., Piovano A. - Evidence for H2-induced ductility in a Pt/Al2O3 catalyst

ACS Catalysis 12, 5979-5989 (2022)

van Eck E.R.H., Chiappisi L., de Beer S. - Fundamentals and applications of polymer brushes in air

ACS Applied Polymer Materials 4, 3062-3087 (2022)

Sørensen D.R., Drejer A.Ø., Heere M., Senyshyn A., Frontzek M., Hansen T., Didier C., Peterson V.K., Ravnsbaek D.B., Jørgensen M.R.V. - An easy‐to‐use custom‐built cell for neutron powder diffraction studies of rechargeable batteries

Chemistry-Methods 2, e202200046-1-e202200046-11 (2022)

Santamaria A., Batchu K.C., Matsarskaia O., Prévost S.F., Russo D., Natali F., Seydel T., Hoffmann I., Laux V., Haertlein M., Darwish T.A., Russell R.A., Corucci G., Fragneto G., Maestro A., Zaccai Nathan R., Zaccai N.R. - Strikingly different roles of SARS-CoV-2 fusion peptides uncovered by neutron scattering

Journal of the American Chemical Society 144, 2968-2979 (2022)

Chiappisi L., Hoffmann I., Gradzielski M. - Membrane stiffening in Chitosan mediated multilamellar vesicles of alkyl ether carboxylates

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 627, 160-167 (2022)

Sanchez-Fernandez A., Larsson J., Leung A.E., Holmqvist P., Czakkel O., Nylander T., Ulvenlund S., Wahlgren M. - Topological dynamics of micelles formed by geometrically varied surfactants

Langmuir 38, 10075-10080 (2022)

2021 ILL publications

Gonzalez A., Wildes A.R., Mossou E., Cristiglio V., Moiroux G., Garden J.L., Cuesta-Lopez S., Theodorakopoulos N., Peyrard M. - Melting transition of oriented Li‐DNA fibers submerged in ethanol solutions

Biopolymers 112, e23422-1-e23422-15 (2021)

2020 ILL publications

2019 ILL publications

Carosso M., Vottero E., Lazzarini A., Morandi S., Manzoli M., Lomachenko K.A., Jíménez-Ruiz M., Pellegrini R., Lamberti C., Piovano A., Groppo E. - Dynamics of reactive species and reactant-induced reconstruction of Pt clusters in Pt/Al2O3 catalysts

ACS Catalysis 9, 7124-7136 (2019)

2018 ILL publications

2017 ILL publications

Chiappisi L., Leach S.D., Gradzielski M. - Precipitating polyelectrolyte-surfactant systems by admixing a nonionic surfactant - a case of cononsurfactancy

Soft Matter 13, 4988-4996 (2017)

2016 ILL publications

Russo D., Plazanet M., Teixeira J., Moulin M., Härtlein M., Wurm F., Steinbach T. - Investigation into the relaxation dynamics of polymer-protein conjugates reveals surprising role of polymer solvation on inherent protein flexibility

Biomacromolecules 17, 141-147 (2016)
Mansfield E.D.H., de la Rosa V.R., Kowalczyk R.M., Grillo I., Hoogenboom R., Sillence K., Hole P., Williams A.C., Khutoryanskiy V.V. - Side chain variations radically alter the diffusion of poly(2-alkyl-2-oxazoline) functionalised nanoparticles through a mucosal barrier

Biomaterials Science 4, 1318-1327 (2016)
Kyriakos K., Philipp M., Lin C.H., Dyakonova M., Vishnevetskaya N., Grillo I., Zaccone A., Miasnikova A., Laschewsky A., Müller-Buschbaum P., Papadakis C.M. - Quantifying the interactions in the aggregation of thermoresponsive polymers: The effect of cononsolvency

Macromolecular Rapid Communications 37, 420-425 (2016)
Hoffmann I., Simon M., Farago B., Schweins R., Falus P., Holderer O., Gradzielski M. - Structure and dynamics of polyelectrolyte surfactant mixtures under conditions of surfactant excess

Journal of Chemical Physics 145, 124901-1-124901-11 (2016)


Zielinska K., Sun H., Campbell R.A., Zarbakhsh A., Resmini M. - Smart nanogels at the air/water interface: Structural studies by neutron reflectivity

Nanoscale 8, 4951-4960 (2016)


Jørgensen J.E., Hansen T.C. - Magnetic-crystallographic p,T-phase diagram of Fe1.141Te: A high-pressure neutron diffraction study

Physica Status Solidi (b) 253, 2257-2264 (2016)


Borodin O., Price D.L., Aoun B., González M.A., Hooper J.B., Kofu M., Kohara S., Yamamuro O., Saboungi M.L. - Effect of water on the structure of a prototype ionic liquid

Physical Chemistry - Chemical Physics 18, 23474-23481 (2016)


2015 ILL publications

Fucke K., McIntyre G.J., Lemée-Cailleau M.H., Wilkinson C., Edwards A.J., Howard J.A.K., Steeds J.W. - Insights into the crystallisation process from anhydrous, hydrated and solvated crystal forms of diatrizoic acid

Chemistry - A European Journal 21, 1036-1047 (2015)

Dove M. - Neutrons for geology

Geoscientist 25, 14-19 (2015)

Mossou E. - Life as an instrument scientist

Physics World 28, 31-32 (2015)

2014 ILL publications

Pedersen K.S., Sigrist M., Sorensen M.A., Barra A.L., Weyhermüller T., Piligkos S., Thuesen C.A., Vinum M.G., Mutka H., Weihe H., Clerac R., Bendix J. - [ReF6]2-: A robust module for the design of molecule-based magnetic materials

Angewandte Chemie International Edition 53, 1351-1354 (2014)

Rodríguez-Velamazán J.A., Fabelo O., Beavers C.M., Natividad E., Evangelisti M., Roubeau O. - A multifunctional magnetic material under pressure

Chemistry - A European 20, 7956-7961 (2014)

Campbell R. - Neutrons for industry

Chemistry & Industry 78, 32-35 (2014)

2013 ILL publications

Lemmel H. - Influence of Bragg diffraction on perfect crystal neutron phase shifters and the exact solution of the two-beam case in the dynamical diffraction theory

Acta Crystallographica A 69, 459-474 (2013)

Capelli S.C., Falvello L.R., Forcen-Vazquez E., McIntyre G.J., Palacio F., Sanz S., Tomas M. - Proton cascade in a molecular solid: H/D exchange on mobile and immobile water

Angewandte Chemie 125, 13705-13709 (2013)

Bobone S., Gerelli Y., De Zotti M., Bocchinfuso G., Farrotti A., Orioni B., Sebastiani F., Latter E., Penfold J., Senesi R., Formaggio F., Palleschi A., Toniolo C., Fragneto G., Stella L. - Membrane thickness and the mechanism of action of the short peptaibol trichogin GA IV

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1828, 1013-1024 (2013)

Véron E., Garaga M.N., Pelloquin D., Cadars S., Suchomel M., Suard E., Massiot D., Montouillout V., Matzen G., Allix M. - Synthesis and structure determination of CaSi1/3B2/3O8/3: A new calcium borosilicate

Inorganic Chemistry 52, 4250-4258 (2013)

2012 ILL publications

Weisbecker P., Leyssale J.M., Fischer H.E., Honkimäki V., Lalanne M., Vignoles G.L. - Microstructure of pyrocarbons from pair distribution function analysis using neutron diffraction

Carbon 50, 1563-1573 (2012)

Peters J., Trovaslet M., Trapp M., Nachon F., Hill F., Royer E., Gabel F., van Eijck L., Masson P., Tehei M. - Activity and molecular dynamics relationship within the family of human cholinesterases

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14, 6764-6770 (2012)

2011 ILL publications

Kovalevsky A.Y., Hanson B.L., Mason S.A., Yoshida T., Fisher S.Z., Mustyakimov M., Forsyth V.T., Blakeley M.P., Keen D.A., Langan P. - Identification of the elusive hydronium ion exchanging roles with a proton in an enzyme at lower pH values

Angewandte Chemie International Edition 50, 7520-7523 (2011)

Haverkate L.A., Zbiri M., Johnson M.R., Demé B., Mulder F.M., Kearley G.J. - Conformation, defects, and dynamics of a discotic liquid crystal and their influence on charge transport

Journal of Physical Chemistry B 115, 13809-13816 (2011)

2010 ILL publications

Kovalevsky A.Y., Hanson L., Fisher S.Z., Mustyakimov M., Mason S.A., Forsyth V.T., Blakeley M.P., Keen D.A., Wagner T., Carrell H.L., Katz A.K., Glusker J.P., Langan P. - Metal ion roles and the movement of hydrogen during reaction catalyzed by D-xylose isomerase: A joint X-ray and neutron diffraction study

Structure 18, 688-699 (2010)

2008 ILL publications

Teixeira S.C.M., Blakeley M.P., Leal R.M.F., Mitchell E.P., Forsyth V.T. - A preliminary neutron crystallographic study of thaumatin

Acta Crystallographica F 64, 378-381 (2008)

2007 ILL publications

Colletier J.P., Royant A., Specht A., Sanson B., Nachon F., Masson P., Zaccaï G., Sussman J.L., Goeldner M., Silman I., Bourgeois D., Weik M. - Use of a 'caged' analogue to study the traffic of choline within acetylcholinesterase by kinetic crystallography

Acta Crystallographica D63, 1115-1128 (2007)

Tehei M., Franzetti B., Wood K., Gabel F., Fabiani E., Jasnin M., Zamponi M., Oesterhelt D., Zaccaï G., Ginzburg M., Ginzburg B.Z. - Neutron scattering reveals extremely slow cell water in a Dead Sea organism

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 104, 766-771 (2007)

2004 ILL publications

Blanchard L., Tarbouriech N., Blackledge M., Timmins P., Burmeister W.P., Ruigrok R.W.H., Marion D. - Structure and dynamics of the nucleocapsid-binding domain of the Sendai virus phosphoprotein in solution

Virology 319, 201-211 (2004)

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