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PSCMPartnership for Soft Condensed Matter
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About the PSCM

The Partnership for Soft Condensed Matter (PSCM) is a scientific and technical platform enabling ambitious large-scale Soft Matter research projects addressing challenges in nanomaterials, environmental and energy sciences, and biotechnology. The PSCM promotes the integrated exploitation of state-of-the-art neutron and synchrotron beamlines in combination with the most advanced laboratory techniques for the characterisation of a wide spectrum of systems ranging from soft interfacial thin films to complex multi-component bulk fluids.

Located on the European Photon and Neutron Science (EPN) Campus in Grenoble, France, the PSCM is a joint initiative of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) and the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL). Selected academic and industrial Collaborative Partner Organizations (CPOs) join the PSCM to perform fundamental and applied soft condensed matter research in their specific areas of interest.

The PSCM offers on-site sample preparation and characterization facilities located in a new laboratory building that is physically connected to both ILL and ESRF experimental halls. The collaborative development of specialised sample environments and instuments enables cutting-edge experiments for the investigation of the structure and dynamics of bulk and interfacial soft matter systems, such as self-assembled nanomaterials and bio-inspired hierarchical structures.

The PSCM is continually searching for new Collaborative Partners to strengthen the soft matter research community through the establishment of long term collaborations between academic or industrial research groups and the experimental teams developing the ESRF beamlines and ILL instruments at the EPN Science Campus. The ensuing enhanced research capabilities and methodological developments are made available to the entire user community.

Organisations with a particular interest in soft condensed matter can apply to become Collaborative Partners of the PSCM, contributing to the Partnership and exploiting the facilities made available by the PSCM and the relevant ESRF/ILL  instruments. For more information, see our page on Collaborative Partnerships.

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