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List of speakers


First Name


Position / function

Lecture n°

ANDERSENKenESS ScandinaviaHead of Instruments Division at ESS Scandinavia30
BARRETTRayESRFX-ray Optics group - Mirror metrology development17
BELETICJamesTeledyne Imaging SensorsSenior Director of Astronomy & Civil Space. Responsible for Teledyne's image sensor customers in astronomy (ground & space), Earth Science and Planetary Science.29
BROTAS DE CARVALHOBernardoInstituto Superior TecnicoResearcher at IPFN-IST
Lecturer at Physics Department of IST/Lisbon
1, 13
CASELLAChiaraETHPostdoc in experimental particle physics4
CIPRIANIFlorentEMBLHead of the diffraction instrumentation team19
CUSACKStephanEMBLHead of Grenoble outstation1
DORNReinholdESOScientist within the Instrumentation Division
Deputy group leader of Infrared detector department
1, 25
ERDChristianESA - ESTEC1, 23, 27
FAJARDOPabloESRFGroup Leader of the Detector & Electronics Group16
FARHIEmmanuelILLComputer Scientist doing molecular dynamics, instrument simulations, data analysis code development, metal liquids studies and biology.Practical session
GONZALEZMiguelILLScientist staff in the 'Computing for Science' group28
GUERARDBrunoILLHead of Neutron Detector Service
JORAMChristianCERNCERN senior staff member; Leader of Detector Technology group
Fields of research: photo detectors, Cherenkov detectors, medical applications.
1, 6
LUMBDavidESA - ESTECStudy Scientist for ESA's Athena and Loft X-ray missions.
Project Scientist for the Japanese ASTRO-H mission. Solid State detector expert
22, 23, 27
MADSENAndersEuropean XFELGroup Leader for Scientific Instruments1
MANCUSOAdrianHasylab at DESYLeading Scientist
Single Particles, clusters and Biomolecules
MARTINEZ PENAJose-LuizILLHead of the Projects and Techniques Division1
MCSWEENEYSeanESRFGroup Leader for Structural Biology20
MOLLMichaelCERNResearcher working on development of radiation tolerant silicon tracking detectors.
Co-spokesperson of the CERN RD50 collaboration. Responsible for operation of CERN-PH radiation facilities.
MURARIAndreaEFDA-CSU -CULHAMGroup leader of Diagnostics, Control,Data acquisition and data validation at JET12
MUTTIPaoloILLHead of Instrument Control Service in charge of software and hardware development for all ILL's instruments10
PONCHUTCyrilESRFDetector & Electronics senior engineer18
RAMSAYSuzanneESOAstronomer in the Instrumentation Division, working on the development of instruments for the ESO telescopes including the VLT and the planned 42-m European Extremely Large Telescope.24
SCHMIDTBurkhardCERNSenior applied physicist, working on the LHCb experiment.5, 7
SCHNEIDERThomasEMBLGroup Leader in 'Tools for structure determination and analysis' at EMBL-Hamburg
Project Coordinator EMBL@PETRA3
SCHULZMarkusCERNLeader in the CERN-IT Grid Technology Group, involved in the development and operation of the WLCG grid infrastructure and middleware.14
SETTEFrancescoESRFDirector General1
SUSINIJeanESRFHead of the Instrumentation Services and Development Division15
SVENSSONOlofESRFScientific programmer in the Data Analysis Unit.21
TAKAHASHIHiroyukiThe University of TokyoProfessor at the University of Tokyo
Research and Education on radiation physics and detection
VAN ESCHPatrickILLEngineer/physicist in the detector service (SDN)9
VEENHOFRobRD51 - CERNSimulation of ionisation-based tracking detectors. Currently employed by the RD51 collaboration and based at CERN.2
VETTIERChristianESRFNeutron and synchrotron X-ray scientist8

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