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Following the success of ESI 2009 at CERN, the 2nd edition of the EIROforum School on Instrumentation, ESI 2011, will come to the European Photon & Neutron Science Campus, the site shared by ILL and ESRF, in Grenoble, France.

Overview and Objectives

The EIROforum School on Instrumentation (ESI) is a biennial event, jointly organized by the Instrumentation Working Group of the EIROforum organizations.

The 2nd EIROforum School on Instrumentation (ESI 2011) will be held at the EPN campus in Grenoble, France on 15-22 May 2011.

The objective of ESI is to teach detector physics and the basic principles of instrumentation to young researchers (PhD students and postdocs) and engineers, mainly from the EIRO organizations. A fraction of the places will be reserved for particularly talented (PhD) students from outside the EIRO organizations who work on instrumentation topics.

The main objectives of the ESI are :

1. educating young researchers from the EIROforum member organisations in topics related to instrumentation.

2. establishing a basis for possible further cooperation through networking of the organisations' staff (both for senior staff acting as lecturers, and for more junior staff as the students).

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